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Germ Terminator - Toothbrush Sanitizer

The Germ Terminator is the only toothbrush sanitizer that cleans your toothbrush using a powerful combination of steam and dry heat - the same thing that doctors and dentists use to sanitize their instruments. The Germ Terminator also stores your toothbrush in a completely germ-free environment until the next time you brush, keeping it safe from bathroom germs and germs from neighboring toothbrushes.

The Germ Terminator is safe, simple, and easy for anyone to use - even kids. After brushing, just add water. That's it! Your toothbrush is steam-sanitized with the Germ Terminator's powerful steam technology. After the steam has evaporated, the Germ Terminator automatically switches to the dry mode, where it maintains a constant warm, dry environment where no germs can survive.

Unlike other toothbrush sanitization systems that use ultraviolet light, the Germ Terminator's steam technology is proven to be the most effective way to kill toothbrush germs. Steam sanitization is natural and safe - no harmful chemicals and no ultraviolet light.

The Germ Terminator is an FDA-approved medical device, which means we had the product tested in three major independent laboratories. The Germ Terminator was tested against the common cold virus (rhinovirus), the flu (influenza), herpes (simplexes I & II), and E.coli, among other disgusting germs that have been found on toothbrushes - and the Germ Terminator passed every test. It was proven to kill greater than 99.9999% of all germs.

So why do you need a Germ Terminator? Because your toothbrush is extremely dirty! An article from the New Haven Department of Health states, "The toothbrush, after one use, is never a sanitary instrument, and what pathogenic germs it must contain when used day after day!" If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The toothbrush is used day in and day out, twice a day or more, as a tool to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth, gums, and tongue. Then where do the germs go? Some of them are expelled into the sink when rinsing, but most of them stay lodged on and in between the tiny bristles of your toothbrush and in the nooks and crannies where the bristles fit into the toothbrush head. Rinsing with tap water is not effective in killing germs. That's why doctors and dentists don't rinse their instruments in tap water and use them on their next patients. G erms from your mouth remain on your toothbrush in addition to germs from the bathroom and neighboring toothbrushes. The next time you brush, these germs re-enter your mouth and infect your bloodstream though tiny cuts in the gums.

The mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of the body; not only are there millions of germs in our mouths, it is the prime portal for infection to enter the body, and it is a major site of chronic and often undetected silent disease. Every time we brush, we coat our toothbrush with millions of disease-causing germs. Then we rinse our toothbrush under the tap for a few seconds, and throw it in the community cup with all the other germ-infested toothbrushes. We store that cup in the dirtiest room in the house . the bathroom . near the germ. laden toilet and sink, and we return to brush with the same toothbrush 6 to 12 hours later! We certainly wouldn't hang our forks or spoons in the bathroom exposed to bathroom vapors, germ-laced dust and "bathroom bacterial mist," but we have no problem doing this to our toothbrushes. Treating our toothbrushes this way is a dangerous habit because the sharp bristles of our toothbrushes actually make tiny lacerations in our gums. An article in USA Today said that after only a few uses, the bristles of your toothbrush become "tiny little needles" that cause tiny cuts in your mouth each time you brush. Everyone has seen blood in the sink from time to time after brushing. Even when you don't see any blood, your toothbrush is still microscopically cutting and abrading the soft tissues of your mouth. We are literally injecting toothbrush germs directly into our bloodstreams every time we brush with an unsanitized toothbrush.

Most people store their toothbrushes next to the sink in the infamous "community cup " holding the toothbrushes of every person in the household. It's here in the decorative and grimy family toothbrush cup that toothbrushes can actually share germs. This convenient storage habit is why the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association has stated that "toothbrushes can transmit disease." In technical terms, this is described as cross.contamination. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, "Toothbrushes can become heavily contaminated with oral microorganisms. Because most families store toothbrushes in a common storage place, airborne bacteria can move from toothbrush to toothbrush, passing opportunistic infections like periodontal disease and the common cold."

So, what is the solution to the toothbrush .germ problem? How can we safely and effectively kill all of the germs on our toothbrushes AND ensure that no germs find their way into the delicate bristles of our toothbrushes in between brushings?

The Germ Terminator is the best way to make sure that your toothbrush is completely germ free. The Germ Terminator is the only toothbrush sanitization system that uses the proven power of steam to kill all germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi (molds and yeasts) and any other disgusting microbes that may have collected on your toothbrush. Most importantly, the Germ Terminator also provides a clean, germ .free environment where your toothbrush can be safely stored until the next time you use it.

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